Only six people attended a Metaverse rave set up by EU

The European Union have seemingly failed in their attempt to dive into the metaverse after only six people turned up to their online rave, which cost €387,000 to develop and promote.

The platform, named the Global Gateway, was designed to get users of the Metaverse talking about global issues, from racism to climate change.

One spokesperson for the European Commission even stated that “It is the European Commission’s duty to inform EU citizens about its ongoing activities”.

“This campaign fulfils that duty and, through innovative communication means such as the metaverse, aims to reach an audience that does not access the EU’s traditional sources of information,” they continued.

However, the launch ‘gala’, which cost the EU’s foreign aid department €387,000, where users could log in and enter as a digital avatar and find a beach party playing four-to-the-floor house music, was only attended by a disappointing number of six people according to Devex.

Those organising the event for Global Gateway scheme are yet to respond about the event failure, but they have claimed that €300 billion will be invested in infrastructure across the globe in order to “connect Europe to the world”.

How the metaverse will shape the future has been a heavily discussed topic over the past year, with artists such as Snoop Dog turning the legendary Death Row Records into an NFT label, and actors such as Matt Damon encouraging us civilians to buy bitcoin. Therefore, it is not surprising that the EU want to get their foot in the metaphorical Metaverse door and ensure that European citizens remain current with the technological trends.

However, it’s safe to say that they may need more time…

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