Canon EOS R3 v 1.3.0 update released

I’m trying to think positive about this – the absence of updates could, just could, be a sign that a R5 Mkii will be released soon.

But don’t hold your breath, it’s mostly wishful thinking…

I recently purchased an R3 to replace my R5. I am finding that my kid’s sports are mymost important subject, and the R3’s 30fps is what I really need.

What I have found is that although the R3 sports tracking is awesome, I much prefer the implementation on the R5 with the single mode that tracks around the screen. The R3 tracks around the screen on all modes, and I find this really annoying when I want to use single point. To be honest, I don’t understand why more people don’t complain about it.

I realize many R5/R6 owners have been disappointed their cameras have not received the tracking updates from R3/R7/R10/R62, but these updates fundamentally change the way subject tracking operates. Canon is not going to do this, and they should not do this. This would potentially annoy customers that prefer the tracking implementation that came with the camera.

If users would prefer to have the new tracking, they should purchase one of the models that have this new tracking out of the box.

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