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Full-time Barry’s and SoulCycle instructor Zoe Williams teaches two to three classes a day, six days a week. She uses Oddict Twig Pro in her everyday life from curating playlists for her classes, to winding down after a day of instructing. 


Here’s her story:

I’m a native Coloradan, born and raised in Golden. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in communications I moved to New York City, where I worked in ad sales and hospitality public relations for four years.

I took my first SoulCycle class in New York in 2013 and I was obsessed! I grew up a competitive gymnast, dancer and musical theater kid, so I loved that SoulCycle was more like dance class than typical spin — in fact, it was more like a dance party, with the low lighting and an incredible vibe.

Riding at SoulCycle every day, I couldn’t help but dream of being an instructor, taking everyone through intricate choreography and inspiring them to keep going through every climb and challenge. So in 2018 I took a leap of faith: I auditioned to become a SoulCycle instructor. And guess what? I got it! I trained and then taught in Los Angeles and San Francisco before becoming one of SoulCycle Denver’s opening instructors.

Most SoulCycle instructors work full-time, which means we teach two to three classes a day, six days a week. On an average day, I wake up at 4:45 a.m. to teach a 5:45 class. After class I grab coffee at Aviano Coffee, where I sit outside and create my playlist for the rest of the day.  After my second class, I go home, catch a nap and cross a few items off my to-do list, including studying for my National Academy of Sports Medicine nutrition degree and personal training certification, working on my restaurant and lifestyle blog, I’m Zo Hungry, walking Walter, our goldendoodle, and running errands. Then I’m off to teach my 4:15 p.m. class.

When curating my playlist, I only use my Oddict’s Twig Pro earbuds – they have allowed me to listen to the true sound of the songs and block out the rest of the world. I used to own Apple Airpod Pro’s and as soon as I heard the quality and sound of the Twig Pro earbuds, I never went back to Airpods. Also, a huge plus for me is The Find Me feature which helps me track them when I misplaced or lose them, and also has a high-pitched sonic ringing sound to audibly find them. The Oddict Twig Pro’s are with me at all times and keep me fired up to discover new music.  

– How do you use music to fuel your workouts?

Music can boost your mood and stamina during a workout, which could make your sweat session last longer. Faster-paced music can increase your performance, whether that’s your pace, the number of repetitions you complete or the distance you travel. Music can distract you from the physical activity, making you focus less on fatigue

– What is your favorite thing about Oddict Twig Pro? 

When you listen to as much music as I do every day you want the experience of using Bluetooth earbuds to be as easy and distraction free as possible….these could easily be my everyday carry earbuds. With that in mind, I’ll always make sure to keep the ODDICT TWIG PRO true wireless earbuds charged up and in my jacket or backpack, ready to go when I want to enjoy music or a movie

– What are you favorite Barry’s playlists? 

That’s a secret 😉 


– Who is your go-to artist? 

I love mixes and all genres

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