5 Best laptops for a middle schooler in 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

If you are a middle schooler or a parent of a middle schooler ,looking for the best laptop for middle school,then you are in the right location. Please continue reading.

Most of the elementary schools or middle schools require the parents to buy a laptop for their kid to make sure that they can follow through the school curriculum.

Getting a good quality laptop for your kid doesn’t mean that you have to shell out a lot of money. Most of the laptops we consider here are in the range of $300 to $500. This low price in no way indicate that these laptops are lacking  quality or  performance.

So lets look at what things you should keep in mind while selecting the best laptop.

The Operating system -Windows  or Mac book or Chromebook?

To be fair, a mac book  even a mac book air is pricey and overkill for any middle schooler needs. 

So the choice is between a Windows 10 laptop and a Chromebook. If your kid’s school doesn’t use specific software that only works in a Windows based system, you can consider a Chromebook ,else definitely go for a Windows based laptop.

A Chromebook a specialised operating system based on android (like in the phone) designed by google and you can install software from Google App store for your specific needs. Normal software that runs in windows do not run in a chromebook. But usually you will be able to find apps that can do similar functions in google play store.

If you are not sure then Windows 10 based laptop us the best choice as it is pretty powerful and versatile . There are thousands of software that is available on windows platform that can do any task your kid needs to be doing in the school.

To give you all options we have reviewed both Windows 10 and chrome OS based laptops in our selection.

Additional things to consider when buying a laptop for a kid in school

Your kid will be in school for up to 8 to 10 hours at a time . So a laptop that can manage work up to 8 hours without a power-supply will be a good idea.

Kids are constantly moving around the school , travelling to and from the school and house . So if the laptop is heavy, it could be bad for their back. So ideally it should under 3 pounds. So basically the lighter the batter without heaving a trade off on performance

kids being kids, they are not normally the careful lot . So a laptop that can withstand a bit of water on the keyboard is a good idea. Also you can get a cheap rugged laptop cover for the laptop to make sure the laptop wont get broken easily.

So let’s first get our expectations straight. What kind of a spec can you expect in a laptop at this price range? The main component that affects the Quality of your Gaming experience is the following components.


​AMD ryzen based laptops are much cheaper and gives a lot of value. Also intel core i3 based laptops are good as well , but can be a bit pricier than the AMD version.


​Consder getting a laptop above 4 GB

Hard Drive

​Consider atlest 128GB of storage and defintely avoid laptops with less than 64GB (unless its chromebook) of storage as windows itself can take 20GB.

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